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Repositioning/Renovating Your Home Or Investment Property For BIG Profits … We Can Help!

If you would like to justify an increase in rents or increase the value of your personal residence, rental home, or multifamily property, one of the main ways this is done is through a process called "Repositioning." Most people are familiar with rehabbing a property, but a repositioning can be much more than just a physical change to your property.

Three ways you can reposition your property:

Cosmetic: Cosmetic changes consist of changing the aspects of the property to increase its appeal such as landscaping, restriping and resurfacing parking lots, painting, adding signage, or changing interior or exterior finishes.

Structural: When doing a structural repositioning it involves some of the following: changing mechanical systems, changing the layout, or constructing new amenities such as pools or  rooms to capture additional value. 

Operational:This option pertains mostly to multi-family properties and consists of changing the way the property operates. 

Repositioning can be one of the fastest ways to increase a sales price or rents on your property. You can completely rehab the property, or just change some paint colors, or management. Whichever option you chose, you need to have a well thought out plan backed by research and realistic expectations. With a clear plan in place, repositioning a property can be the fastest way to increase your cash flow and add significant value to your property. Let experience guide the way CALL TEAM TAMPA BAY TODAY!

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